Awaiting Pickup Page

Awaiting Pickup page screenshot

Revoking Samples

Samples that have been submitted on the Presubmit or Pickup page can be deleted on the Awaiting Pickup page. This page can be accessed by both client and staff users. To revoke a sample, simply select the sample and press the Revoke button.

Awaiting Pickup Navigation

At the top of the Awaiting Pickup page, there is a navigation bar to enter samples via the Presubmit page or go directly to picking up samples on the Pickup page.

Navigating to the Presubmit page allows client and staff users to submit samples for pickup for the indicated client. Click here to see more about the Presubmit page.

Navigating to the Pickup page allows staff users to see samples that were submitted for pickup and create a new pickup order for any samples in the pickup queue.
Click here to see more about the Pickup page.