swlims.io Workflow and Site Map

This page gives a general idea of the layout and organization of the swlims.io website. For frequently asked questions instead, go to the FAQ page, or for the RSS feed, use this link for RSS or this link for sitemap.xml

Quick reference guide:

Clients / Client list –

Only visible to administrators, the client list page simply displays a list of clients and some quick summary information about them.

Clicking one of the clients will navigate you to their order list page.

Orders / Order list / Client page –

Shows a list of all orders from the client organization. If an order is not showing, it might mean there is not yet any data available from the lab for it. If the order continues to not appear in the list after it should, contact an administrator for assistance. The orders list can be filtered by date and is the first page that client users will arrive at when logging into swlims.io.

Clicking one of the orders will navigate you to the order page which is a modified sample list page that displays only samples from that order as well as a few extra features.

On the right side of the page (or the top, for small screens), there will be a pair of buttons: Order list downloads, left side

The All Reports button will open a list of reports for all orders listed and allow individual downloads, and the Summary Data button opens a list of available summary datasets to download as Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx) or a zip file of several Excel spreadsheets. Order list summary data

Orders.xlsx will download all order data as a single Excel sheet, Orders.zip will download all order data as separate Excel sheets zipped together and the following .xlsx files will download data for individual orders.

Samples / Sample list / Order page –

Shows a list of samples received for testing from a client organization as well as some summary information about the results. If the sample list page is accessed directly, this list will have all samples (or the most recent several thousand) and can be filtered by the search bar or the filters at the left-hand side (or top, depending on screen). Filters on the sample list page

Order page

If an order has been specified to access this page, there will be two extra sets of options for accessing that order’s information. On the left side of the page (or top, for small screens) there will be a section of buttons to download the invoice for the order, a zip file of pre-generated labels, a zip file of the report pdfs and a zip file of all data (labels, reports, raw data and anything else.): Order page downloads, left side

On the right side of the page (or still on top for small screens) there will be two additional buttons: Order page downloads, right side

The Summary XLSX button downloads a copy of the resulting data for the order as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) and the All Reports button opens a list of the report pdfs for individual download: Order page reports from the All Reports button

Data / Sample page

Displays the full information for a particular sample including all test results, links to the reports, labels, the public summary data page, the option for custom labels and more…

Sample page


Gives access to the reports associated with a sample for easy download in pdf format.

Public sample page links


This dropdown shows all the options for labels to be generated for the sample. All labels are fully customizeable within the relevant regulations.

Public sample page links Note: the HB701 standard-scale label is recommended for standard uses.

Selecting a label type opens the label creation window. When the label information has been fully filled in, the buttons at the bottom can download copies of it suitable for most printers, including Avery options. Custom label creation window

Publish Data Button

Clicking this creates a special, unique url to the full sample data for this sample. This link expires after 2 weeks for security purposes and should not be used to grant regular access.

Note: This is separate from the public summary data page, for most cases of needing to share data, the public data link (below) will be more useful.

Public Data

Shows a window with information on navigating to the public summary data page, detailed below. The QR code or link can be shared with anyone to give quick access to the essential data about a sample. Public sample page links

Public Summary Data Page –

The information listed on this page is required to be public for tracking purposes and is referenced in the label QR codes for sample verification. Public summary data page

Data / Results graph –

Displays a chart representing a history of results for all samples tested from the client organization. The data used for the chart can be filtered by name and sample type: Sample filters on the data page

Which values are shown in the graph can be changed by selecting or de-selecting the value type in the legend at the bottom: Value type legend

Accounting / Accounting dropdown –

Options for accounting information including past orders and outstanding balance are found here. For full information, visit the Accounting section

Note: Some of these options are access-restricted, i.e. only authorized users can see an organizations financial records.

/ User options –

Provides the options for managing your swlims.io user account, starting by showing what account is currently logged in and options for changing your password and resetting another account if needed. The final entry in the list is a link to the swlims.io logout page. To log back in, go to the login page or try to access any page and you will be redirected to a login page as needed. Value type legend

Note: Some of these options are access-restricted, nobody but you can change your account password.

Search / Search field –

Allows for fast, in-page and full site searching with slightly different parameters depending on the user and the page they are on. Navigation search bar

To use this search bar, begin typing in it. If the page is searchable, the results in the page should filter as you type. The list of samples that will drop down from the search field will be from all samples available to you. Search bar listing available samples that match the searched text

Note: lab-side users, hitting enter in the search field or clicking the magnifying glass button will take you to the global search page for whatever value you entered.