Account Invite

After an invite is generated by the invitation page and sent to the provided email address (if selected to). The invite link is unique to each email and each invite will expire after a period of several weeks, after which it will need to be sent again via the invite page.

Email Invite

When you receive the invitation to create an account in your email, follow the provided link or scan the attached QR code and provide the email address you received the invite to when prompted as a final security check.

Then check that the account information is correct, provide a secure password and follow the prompts to finish creating your account. For more detail, see the full invite page for more details.

Account Creation

Once the invite link is followed, the site will prompt for the email the invite is for as a final security measure (to mitigate brute force attack risks) then the account information is available for you to check/change as needed and finally provide a valid, secure password.

Missing Invitation

Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the invite email in your inbox, spam filters from some email providers will catch these auto-generated emails unless is whitelisted.